[Vision2020] Lawsuit Could Be a Disastrous Legal Action That is Not Pro-Ed or Pro-Kids

Dan Carscallen areaman at moscow.com
Wed May 9 08:03:58 PDT 2007

Mark and everyone else,
I can't speak for the entire board, as we have not met since the lawsuit
was filed.  We did not take a position on the bond in the first place,
so we probably won't take one on this issue either.  It's kind of like
wrestling with a pig.  You both get muddy and the pig just thinks it's
I can speak for me, though.  I like Gerry.  I don't like the lawsuit.

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Thanks for weighing in. As a GMA board member, does GMA support or
oppose the lawsuit that three members of its board have filed? From the
GMA website:

Stephen Busch, Chairperson

Jim Anderson, Vice-Chairperson

Jim DeMeerleer, Treasurer

Shelley Bennett, Co-Secretary

Dan Carscallen

Marshall Comstock

Bob Hieronymus

JoAnn Mack

Bill Morscheck

Brian Thie

Jerry Weitz

Susan Wilson, Co-Secretary


At 6:41 AM -0700 5/9/07, Dan Carscallen wrote:

I can't sit back, I gotta call Donovan out on a couple things:


First, Donovan says:

"Why doesn't it  [MSD]  sell its high value city property for newer
buildings on cheaper land, education can occur in anywhere? "


hmm, back during the facilities election, Mr. Arnold campaigned pretty
hard against it:



then he states:

"FYI, the 1992 funding was to put up an electronic bulletin board to
announce sporting events and the connection between the Annex and the
kitchen. Then they turned around and increased the lunch and food
prices. Their priorities seem to have been rather backwards, even back


I'm not 100% sure, but I believe that electronic bulletin board was paid
for with funds raised by the class of 1989.  I'm sure you can come up
with an invoice to prove me wrong, though.  and lunch prices haven't
gone up a heckuva lot in the last twenty years.  I recall paying $21.00
for 20 punches way back in 1987.  Now I pay $22.50 for 15 for my kids.
going from $1.05 to $1.50 in 20 years ain't too hard to swallow.  I wish
gas prices only went up about 2 cents a year.  Well, actually, I wish
they didn't go up at all, but that's another subject . . . 


Then, in response to Keely:

"Why is it that every person you disagree with, in your eyes, has horns
and a tail? Don't you think it is possible to be a good person but
disagree with you on how to approach a problem?"


I disagree with Keely on occasion, and I've met her in person.  Heck,
she even gave me a hug once or twice.  She didn't mention my horns or my
tail.  Maybe she was being polite.  If so, at least she's got that going
for her.


I could probably come up with more stuff, but there ain't enough time in
the day.  I'm too busy tipping over the wheelchairs of handicapped kids,


your pal,



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