[Vision2020] Lawsuit Could Be a Disastrous Legal Action That is Not Pro-Ed or Pro-Kids

Mark Solomon msolomon at moscow.com
Wed May 9 07:42:12 PDT 2007


Thanks for weighing in. As a GMA board member, does GMA support or 
oppose the lawsuit that three members of its board have filed? From 
the GMA website:

Stephen Busch, Chairperson
Jim Anderson, Vice-Chairperson
Jim DeMeerleer, Treasurer
Shelley Bennett, Co-Secretary
Dan Carscallen
Marshall Comstock
Bob Hieronymus
JoAnn Mack
Bill Morscheck
Brian Thie
Jerry Weitz
Susan Wilson, Co-Secretary


At 6:41 AM -0700 5/9/07, Dan Carscallen wrote:
>I can't sit back, I gotta call Donovan out on a couple things:
>First, Donovan says:
>"Why doesn't it  [MSD]  sell its high value city property for newer 
>buildings on cheaper land, education can occur in anywhere? "
>hmm, back during the facilities election, Mr. Arnold campaigned 
>pretty hard against it:
>then he states:
>"FYI, the 1992 funding was to put up an electronic bulletin board to 
>announce sporting events and the connection between the Annex and 
>the kitchen. Then they turned around and increased the lunch and 
>food prices. Their priorities seem to have been rather backwards, 
>even back then."
>I'm not 100% sure, but I believe that electronic bulletin board was 
>paid for with funds raised by the class of 1989.  I'm sure you can 
>come up with an invoice to prove me wrong, though.  and lunch prices 
>haven't gone up a heckuva lot in the last twenty years.  I recall 
>paying $21.00 for 20 punches way back in 1987.  Now I pay $22.50 
>for 15 for my kids.  going from $1.05 to $1.50 in 20 years ain't too 
>hard to swallow.  I wish gas prices only went up about 2 cents a 
>year.  Well, actually, I wish they didn't go up at all, but that's 
>another subject . . . 
>Then, in response to Keely:
>"Why is it that every person you disagree with, in your eyes, 
>has horns and a tail? Don't you think it is possible to be a good 
>person but disagree with you on how to approach a problem?"
>I disagree with Keely on occasion, and I've met her in person. 
>Heck, she even gave me a hug once or twice.  She didn't mention my 
>horns or my tail.  Maybe she was being polite.  If so, at least 
>she's got that going for her.
>I could probably come up with more stuff, but there ain't enough 
>time in the day.  I'm too busy tipping over the wheelchairs of 
>handicapped kids, remember?
>your pal,
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