[Vision2020] Several Important Announcements from Latah Recovery Community Center, Inc.

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Tue Mar 12 14:19:28 PDT 2019

 Congratulations, Darrell! This is wonderful news for our Latah County communities. Thank you for all your hard work to support recovery for individuals struggling or who have overcome addiction. Not many communities have such a powerful resource, especially in rural Idaho.

Debbie Gray

    On Monday, March 11, 2019, 11:19:02 AM PDT, Darrell Keim <keim153 at gmail.com> wrote:  
 5 BIG announcements below:
1.  A BIG Thank You!Frequent readers will know that last week was our annual fundraiser breakfast at the Best Western University Inn.  We raised $38000 to support the local recovery community.  Can you believe it?  THANK YOU for supporting our efforts.  We'd especially like to thank the 40 table captains that made it possible.  We also thank Gritman Medical Center and Washington Mutual for sponsoring the breakfast, and Flowers by Roxanne for the beautiful decorations.  Finally, a BIG thanks to the 265 attendees that gave so generously.
At the breakfast we announced:2.  A BIG new partnership and expansion of services:  We are ramping up to provide some crisis services.  This is due to our partnership with the Crisis Response Network being developed amongst the 5 hospitals in central Idaho.  We expect this service will start by June.
3.  A BIG name change:  As part of the above partnership we have changed our name to better reflect what we do.  We are now Latah Recovery Community Center, Inc.  (Okay, maybe this one's only biggish.)
4.  A BIG outreach effort to vets:  We are pleased to have received funding from both the Idaho Division of Veterans Services and the Veterans of Foreign Wars to develop veterans support services.  The first Veterans Coffee and Bitch Session is on 3/13 at 5:30pm at the American Legion Cabin on Howard St.
5.  A BIG outreach to our rural communities.  The State of Idaho has funded us to do recovery outreach in a couple of Latah county communities.  Look for more news later this spring.  (This wasn't announced at the breakfast.  It was in the newspaper last week).  
See all the BIG news you miss when you sleep in?  ;)
Now, onto our regularly scheduled programming-this weeks announcements and calendar.Write for You's latest writing exercise:  https://latahrecoverycenter.org/2019/03/11/write-for-you-doodles-of-kindness/
New support group this week:  Veterans Coffee and Bitch Session is being held on 3/13 at 5:30pm at the American Legion Cabin on Howard St.
Don't miss Recovery Radio on KRFP Thursdays, 1pm.
Here's our March calendar:  https://latahrecoverycenter.files.wordpress.com/2019/03/march-2019-at-the-latah-recovery-center.docx.pdf=======================================================
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