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New store appears to be filling Idaho’s pot void
Floyd’s Cannabis Co., situated less than a mile from the Washington-Idaho border, is leading Whitman County in monthly sales of cannabis

There’s a new best-selling marijuana retailer in Whitman County in recent months and it appears to have an edge on its competitors — its proximity to the Idaho border.

In December and January, Floyd’s Cannabis Co. — located about a mile from the Idaho border — brought in more money from marijuana sales than any other retailer in Pullman and Whitman County.

According to 502data.com  a website that tracks Washington’s marijuana sales and statistics, since opening its doors along the Moscow-Pullman Highway in June 2017, December was the first time Floyd’s toppled all other Palouse retailers for monthly marijuana sales.

From the start, Floyd’s revenues rose steadily before leveling off last August. Since then, monthly sales have exceeded $290,000 and in December the store beat out its next closest competitor, Satori, located on the 1300 block of southeast Bishop Boulevard in Pullman.

Floyd’s brought in $290,200 in December and $298,486 in January.

Satori lagged close behind with $273,965 in December and $294,677 in January, according to 502data.com.

Satori’s sales have traditionally been the best in the county.

In total retail sales, Satori, opened in 2016, is still on top with $10.6 million, MJ’s Pot Shop’s, opened in 2014, sold $6.3 million, Floyd’s sold $4.6 million, Bud Hut sold $2.1 million and the recently opened Kush 21 is nearing the $1-million mark.

While he notes that Floyd’s is “essentially within walking distance of Moscow,” Latah County Prosecutor Bill Thompson said he has seen no evidence that local marijuana use has been on the rise and has not noticed a change in the number of possession of paraphernalia cases referred to his office.

“The thing that stands out most to me is that it is very rare to see black market marijuana anymore,” Thompson said. “The contacts that law enforcement seem to be having, more often than not, are marijuana from the state of Washington — it’s still in original packaging and labeled.”

In days past, Thompson said officers would attempt to identify dealers on the ground and work their way up the chain to apprehend a supplier.

Ever since the substance was legalized in Washington, he said, cannabis confiscated in Moscow tends to bear a clear label showing the store it was purchased from.

He said it’s likely that users over the age of 21 have taken their business to Washington where they can purchase cannabis without fear of legal impediment. Still, he warned, it is not permissible to transport pot back across the Idaho border.

“Folks need to keep in mind that marijuana is still illegal in the state of Idaho,” Thompson said. “If they want to take advantage of Washington’s availability of legal marijuana, then they ought to do it in the state of Washington.”

As of 3 p.m. Saturday, nine of the 13 cars outside of Floyd’s had Idaho license plates — a few framed in black plastic emblazoned with the words “University of Idaho.”

Washington Liquor and Cannabis Board Spokesman Brian Smith said it is unsurprising that Floyd’s appears to be capturing much of the Idaho business for recreational marijuana, saying this mirrors consumer activity related to other restricted products.

“Certainly, we know that in the case of alcohol or cigarettes or things like that people tend to choose with their pocket or what is available,” Smith said. “They do tend to go across borders, if it’s available or it’s less expensive.”

Smith said counties can limit the establishment of new cannabis businesses through zoning practices or by implementing a county-wide ban or moratorium like Whitman County Commissioners did last week. Otherwise, Smith said, the LCB offers little restriction to starting such a business near the border of a prohibition state like Idaho.




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