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Ron Force ronforce at gmail.com
Wed Jul 10 09:39:49 PDT 2019

It's not clear from the Daily News article, but the total increase on a
$200,000 home would be $110:
*The increase would raise taxes on property owners from $4.49 per $1,000 of
assessed property value to $5.63, an increase of about 25 percent. For
homeowners in Moscow, who receive a state tax exemption for 50 percent of
their property’s value up to $100,000, this means they would pay about $560
annually on a home valued at $200,000 — up from about $450 last year. *

But part of the increase would come from foregone tax increases, and would
be used for police raises:
*Moscow rarely accepts annual tax increases and so has the “foregone”
authority to raise taxes by nearly $325,000 a year. It has elected to
recapture $200,000 of that. Riedner said this will provide a stable fund to
support raises planned for Moscow police officers.  *

Ron Force
Moscow Idaho USA

On Wed, Jul 10, 2019 at 7:58 AM rhayes at frontier.com <rhayes at frontier.com>

> Daily News yesterday reported that property taxes will go up 25% next year
> mainly due to the police station bond. I do not think that is what the city
> said was going to happen when they were hyping the bond vote. Am I correct
> in this?
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