[Vision2020] 10-10-18: CBS Evening News Ignores Anthropogenic Warming Contribution to Hurricane Matthew

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How irresponsible or a major media news story on the rapid intensification
of Hurricane Matthew to pose the question of how this hurricane could have
intensified so
quickly, and not mention the increased ocean water temperatures that have
indisputably been driven higher by anthropogenic global warming!
Increased ocean water temperatures are fuel for the power of hurricanes.

Maybe I missed something!
Warm Gulf waters spawned Hurricane Michael's intensity: scientists
Jon Herskovitz <https://www.reuters.com/journalists/jon-herskovitz>


Michael was not the only tropical cyclone in recent years to undergo what
scientists refer to as “rapid intensification,” defined as an acceleration
of wind speeds of at least 35 mph (56 kph) in 24 hours or less. The
phenomenon has become more serious as sea waters have warmed with climate

“It is most likely that the very warm water in the Gulf ... is
likely contributing to the intensity and the intensification that we have
seen,” said Jim Kossin, an atmospheric scientist with the U.S. National
Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.
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