[Vision2020] Correction Re: 10-10-18: CBS Evening News Ignores Anthropogenic Warming Contribution to Hurricane Matthew

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Thu Oct 11 20:48:36 PDT 2018

As I wrote in this Vision2020 post on CBS News & Hurricane *Michael, "Maybe
I missed something!"  *

*Indeed I did, given I named Hurricane Michael "Hurricane Matthew" in the
subject heading and brief comments.  This in spite of the current source I
quoted *
*that indicated "Hurricane Michael.'  But the reason I made this mistake is
the fact that a Hurricane Matthew was in 2016 in October (same month of the
year in the same state) threatening Florida, thus in an Internet search
this previous hurricane was mentioned.   I switched the names:*
As Hurricane Matthew Nears U.S., Residents Get Warning: Prepare  Oct. 5,
"Hurricane Matthew, a deadly storm with maximum sustained winds of more
than 110 miles per hour, was forecast to start inflicting significant rain
and wind damage in southern Florida beginning late Thursday..."

However, I did check again on the CBS Evening News report on Hurricane
Michael, and once again did not find any reference to global
warming's contribution to increased ocean water temperature as a
variable in the rapid intensification of this hurricane.


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> How irresponsible or a major media news story on the rapid intensification
> of Hurricane Matthew to pose the question of how this hurricane could have
> intensified so
> quickly, and not mention the increased ocean water temperatures that have
> indisputably been driven higher by anthropogenic global warming!
> Increased ocean water temperatures are fuel for the power of hurricanes.
> Maybe I missed something!
> ---------------------------------------
> Warm Gulf waters spawned Hurricane Michael's intensity: scientists
> Jon Herskovitz <https://www.reuters.com/journalists/jon-herskovitz>
> https://www.reuters.com/article/us-storm-michael-intensity/warm-gulf-waters-spawned-hurricane-michaels-intensity-scientists-idUSKCN1MK2TO
> Michael was not the only tropical cyclone in recent years to undergo what
> scientists refer to as “rapid intensification,” defined as an acceleration
> of wind speeds of at least 35 mph (56 kph) in 24 hours or less. The
> phenomenon has become more serious as sea waters have warmed with climate
> change.
> “It is most likely that the very warm water in the Gulf ... is
> likely contributing to the intensity and the intensification that we have
> seen,” said Jim Kossin, an atmospheric scientist with the U.S. National
> Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.
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