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Quote from the article posted under Vision2020] Fwd: Share this with every
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"Author A.R. Moxon has recently invited all men to participate in an
exercise of empathy."
The facts are overwhelming:  men throughout history and across cultures are
far more violent cruel creatures than women.
And I should not have to explain (though it appears this is the case) that
the capacity for or the lack of empathy is part of
the explanation for this indisputable data.  Some argue this is entirely
culturally related, but I think this is logically
highly unlikely:  More cultures would be revealed where women were more
violent than men!  This is rare, if it has
ever happened.  Socio-biology offers a starting point to explore this
phenomena which it appears is not fully explainable by
culture alone.

Men dominate our world's governments, businesses and militaries, and this
poses grave risks for all human beings, not to
forget life as a whole in our biosphere.  In fact, I propose men be blocked
from dominating (large male majorities) leadership
roles in government, business and military life, because of the threat
posed by male inclinations towards violence and destruction,
both towards other human beings and our biosphere.

This is a very difficult and complex subject.  But that there is a major
problem with male domination of our cultural world given
male inclinations towards violence and destruction is indisputable.  The
fact pointing this out raises such vehement objections,
or blank stares, even from many women I have talked to, is astonishing to

The following book in part explores a few of these issues, though I perhaps
disagree with Honeywell about the causes of the
problem.  It's rather incredible to read about who this man is!
Data scientist and NEO creator Ross Honeywill now confronts The Man Problem
Men who don't believe they are behaving badly will just find ways around
the rules unless men as a whole attack the "man problem".
by Caroline Baum
Jan 30 2016

The Man ProblemDestructive Masculinity in Western Culture

Authors: *Honeywill*, Ross

In The Man Problem, Ross Honeywill posits that the potential for evil in
all men is the social, political, and economic problem of our age. Drawing
on the work of social critics and theorists including Zygmunt Bauman, Karl
Marx, Hannah Arendt, Simone de Beauvoir, Jean Baudrillard, Slavoj Žižek,
and others, the book traces destructive masculinity through cultural texts,
social systems, and everyday life practices. Using the lens of social
theory, social philosophy, feminist cultural studies, and sociology, The
Man Problem explores the legacy of the Enlightenment as a context for a
social world constructed by men (in modernity), deconstructed (in
postmodernity) and reconstructed (in the liquid present). This book
investigates the outlines of the patriarchy and why the men who legitimate
it behave the way they do. Despite the troubled and troubling legacy of
masculinity, Honeywill reveals an alternative path forward.

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> It’s sad that it even has to be pointed out:
> https://www.boredpanda.com/nut-kicking-analogy-brett-kavanaugh-case/
> Debi R-S
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