[Vision2020] White House mints challenge coin to commemorate upcoming failed US-North Korea peace summit (SATIRE)

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There is no "reality" reference point for the Trump propaganda machine...
Consider the following rather sobering analysis:


In a post-truth world, there is no democracy

by Jennifer Rubin <https://www.washingtonpost.com/people/jennifer-rubin/> May

Former CIA director Michael Hayden
writes: “We in the intelligence world have dealt with obstinate and
argumentative presidents through the years. But we have never served a
president for whom ground truth really doesn’t matter.”
Vision2020 Post: Ted Moffett

On Wed, May 23, 2018 at 10:27 AM, Ron Force <ronforce at gmail.com> wrote:

Not as humorous as reality:
> *Going into the North Korea meeting, senior administration officials say,
> the president has been almost singularly focused on the pageantry of the
> summit —including the suspenseful roll-out of details. He has not been
> deeply engaged in briefing materials on North Korea’s nuclear program, said
> three people with knowledge of the White House efforts. They were not
> authorized to speak publicly.*
> https://apnews.com/f2e5aa3856b44b4b823064834dfb819d
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> On Wed, May 23, 2018 at 5:29 AM Tom Hansen <thansen at moscow.com> wrote:
>> Courtesy of the *Duffelblog* at:
>> https://tinyurl.com/White-House-Challenge-Coin
>> ———————————————
>> White House mints challenge coin to commemorate upcoming failed US-North
>> Korea peace summit
>> THE WHITE HOUSE — The Trump administration has minted several hundred
>> military challenge coins to hand out to service members and dignitaries on
>> the Korean peninsula to commemorate the upcoming failure of its US-North
>> Korea peace summit, sources confirmed today.
>> The White House Communications Agency on Monday released photos of the
>> coins, which feature President Donald Trump and Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un
>> facing each other over text of “Peace Talks” — a reference to a summit
>> between the two leaders set to take place in Singapore that will break down
>> in “spectacular” fashion, according to defense officials.
>> “It will be the biggest and most beautiful failed peace negotiation of
>> all time,” Trump told reporters. “Way better than Obama, let me tell you.
>> Believe me.”
>> The historic meeting between the two leaders is currently in the final
>> planning stages, senior White House officials said. Among the topics Trump
>> and Kim are set to discuss is their taste in women, who has better hair,
>> whether The Walking Dead is any good this season, and if time allows,
>> nuclear disarmament.
>> In various emails and press statements, The White House in the past week
>> has boasted of what it has called an “incredibly historic and successful
>> failure” to come, which it says will demonstrate President Trump’s
>> dealmaking skill and ability to project an image of success amid an
>> objectively crushing defeat.
>> According to officials, the coins for the summit are to be distributed to
>> a lucky few that are close to the negotiation, soldiers providing security,
>> and former NBA basketball player Dennis Rodman, who will be the master of
>> ceremonies and jello wrestling referee during the meeting.
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