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Betsy, we’ve been mostly pleased with Spectrum (formerly TWC) – our Internet service is usually rock solid with few outages over the years.  Our cable service has been more problematic;  we frequently – always have -- gotten “you do not subscribe to this channel” or “this channel will be available shortly” for specific channels.  Changing the channel up or down & then returning often resolves the issue, but that’s not particularly satisfactory.  We’ve had techs out several times over the years – some have said the head end equipment for that frequency (or whatever) gets out of adjustment while others have thought it was maybe the cabling within the house (they’ve changed most/all throughout the years & the problem persists) or the main run from the pole to the house . . . or maybe with a cable run further from our house.  Who knows?  That’s annoying, but we’ve learned to live with it, more or less.


If that happened with my Internet connection, I’d definitely be looking for an alternative.


LOL, Ted – the only way I’ve ever found the cause for the infrequent Spectrum internet outages is if it’s been reported in the news (like with the fiber optics cable was cut during construction around Rathdrum some years back, IIRC).  When one calls, if there’s a known outage in the area, you get a recording telling you they are aware of it, that they are working hard to restore service, and that their CSRs don’t have further info.  If you push through, you get a nice person who has no further info but offers an automated call to let you know when service is restored.  SMH – no, thanks . . . I can figure that out myself.


Someone wrote me privately to let me know their neighborhood hadn’t had an outage, which really piqued my curiosity as to the cause.  I tried contacting a live person through FB & Twitter (Spectrum was very active responding to questions about some outage in Brooklyn due to vandalism), but I had no better luck.


I dunno . . . maybe it’s just me, but when a service I pay for is interrupted, I don’t think requesting for an explanation is unreasonable.



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We hate Spectrum...constantly losing our internet connection.

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This is hard to believe.


You contacted Spectrum and they could not explain the outage?  What?


Maybe you reached one of the those exploit the poor in third world countries clueless call centers with limited language 

skills in God knows where... South Lower Slobovia!  (a fictional nation meant in jest).


A partial refund, at least, of your bill for these services, is on order, at least.




Vision2020 Post: Ted Moffett


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I’m wondering if anyone knows the cause of the Spectrum (formerly Time-Warner Cable) outage yesterday?  Our internet & cable went down sometime around 4 PM – we don’t have it, but their voice service also went down.  Cable TV came back – at least in our neighborhood – shortly after 7 PM, but we didn’t have internet by the time I went to bed.  Internet access was restored sometime later.


In a world where customer service mattered, one could get an answer to a simple question like the cause of an outage from Spectrum itself.


I had no luck.





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