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Top Selling Export from Each State


The United States exported a total of $2.26 trillion worth of goods and 
services in 2015, down slightly from a record high of $2.38 trillion in 
2014. Exports accounted for an estimated 12.6% of total U.S. GDP and 
were a significant part of every state’s economy. Without exception, 
each state in the country exported more than $1 billion of goods in 2015.

To determine the top exported products in each state, 24/7 Wall St. 
reviewed export data from the U.S. Census Bureau. Not all states engage 
in international trade to the same degree. Washington, for example, 
exported more than $50 billion worth of airplanes and airplane parts in 
2015. Meanwhile, South Dakota’s largest export, pork, was worth just 
$145 million. In some states, the largest export would not even fall 
within the top 25 exports in another state.

Many products exist within a global supply chain and are often developed 
at their different stages across the country and around the world. An 
export product’s state of origin is defined as the state that actually 
ships the product abroad, and not necessarily the state that 
manufactured the product. Therefore, exports do not always reflect which 
state the product was originally manufactured or produced.

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*12. Idaho*
*> Largest export:* Memory chips
*> 2015 memory chips value:* $797.8 million
*> Pct. change in memory chips export value (2014-2015):* -43.3%
*> Memory chips as share of total state exports:* 18.6%

The product most Americans would immediately associate with Idaho is 
potatoes. However, a massive share of Idaho’s substantial potato crop 
never leaves the United States, and because it is landlocked, potatoes 
may be processed or shipped to other states before they leave to 
destinations abroad. For this reason, Idaho’s potatoes are only the 
eighth largest state export, behind, among other goods, silver and 
oscilloscopes and other spectrum analyzers. The state’s largest export 
is memory chips, which is not too surprising given that Micron 
Technologies, a major chip manufacturer, is headquartered in the state 
capital of Boise.


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