[Vision2020] U of I "trapping and killing:" Flyer Asks "Missing Pet?"

Ted Moffett starbliss at gmail.com
Sun Oct 2 19:31:28 PDT 2016

The following content was on a flyer on the public bulletin board in
Friendship Square yesterday in downtown Moscow:

*Missing Pet?*

*Has your cat gone missing over the past year?*

*University of Idaho facilities employees have been systematically trapping
and killing a wide variety of animals by euthanizing them without scanning
for microchips.  If your pet has gone missing in the past year, they may
have been a victim of this heinous activity.  Please consider taking a
moment to scan the QR code and complete the survey.*

*Or please contact us at:*

*Phone:  (410) 279-0676*
*              or (208) 882-2150*

*Email:  UI4NoKill at gmail.com <UI4NoKill at gmail.com>*

*Facebook: search "UI4nokill" *

*Also on the survey page is indicated:*

*Our group is dedicated to working with the University of Idaho to get them
to adopt a strict No Kill Policy for dealing with all animal control issues
that will protect both domestic and wild animals*.
I did not scan the QR code, but I think the survey mentioned is at the
first URL below, taken from the Facebook search suggested.  I do not belong
to Facebook, but nonetheless I could read some of the Facebook content on
this issue:


*https://www.facebook.com/ui4nokill/ <https://www.facebook.com/ui4nokill/>*

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