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Courtesy of the Opinion section of the November. 3, 2016 edition of the Moscow-Pullman Daily News.

(Thanks for catching this, Mr. Hayes)


Letter: Berglund, De Vries must explain
Why is a person who admitted building a bomb for a drug dealer and 66 illegal machine guns involved in choosing our Idaho legislators? That person is Michael Emry, in sworn testimony in 2004. Today he calls himself an embedded reporter with the "Idaho III% Militia" and is the owner of "The Voice of North Idaho" and similar organizations. Emry lived and traveled with the Bundy brothers and was involved in their anti-government militia plans in Oregon.

Earlier this year, candidates Ken De Vries and Carl Berglund were proud of their involvement with Emry. TVOI wrote on Facebook that they were hosting a "Meet Carl Berglund" event May 5, with positive comments from De Vries. Berglund's campaign reposted, also calling it "The Voice of North Idaho's Event."

The following day, May 6, Emry was arrested with an illegal machine gun and blasting cap (bomb component). Old habits die hard. Given his anti-government views, it's not hard to imagine these weapons being used against law enforcement.

After the arrest, Berglund and DeVries claimed the event was all a misunderstanding, despite their own writings. They haven't answered how they even know this dangerous bomb maker, who is still in custody.

This letter is based on federal court proceedings and each person's own Facebook posts.

In my experience, the crazier a person's beliefs, the more they like to talk about them. It's difficult to believe that De Vries and Berglund could work with Emry during this time and not know anything about his activities.

Barrett Schroeder, Moscow


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> On Nov 4, 2016, at 1:02 PM, "rhayes at frontier.com" <rhayes at frontier.com> wrote:
> I would suggest that people read what Gary Schroeder wrote about C. Berglund in yesterday's DNews Letters section. He shows clearly the Berglund is a supporter and active in the Idaho III% militia and is Latah chair of the Liberty Caucus. This group sent armed people to the first Bundy standoff in Nevada and sent more to the Malheur "occupation." 
> I looked in on the Idaho III% web site and what I found was weird macho braggadocio about saving democracy with guns and camo. Does Berglund represent what Latah county is all about? I sure a hell hope not.
> Roger Hayes 
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