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Courtesy of the Opinion section of the November 4, 2016 edition of the Moscow-Pullman Daily News.

Letter: Berglund is too extreme
It appears that Carl Berglund is a person with fringe political beliefs who has only recently called himself a Republican for expediency: because he wants to get elected. For many years he was a leader in the theocratic "Constitution Party" in Washington and Idaho.

Today, Berglund is Latah chairman of the Liberty Caucus. You remember that the president of the Liberty Caucus organized a caravan of vehicles from our area to support the Bundy family's first militia standoff in Nevada.

Berglund said he was "blessed to share the stage with Heather Scott and Matt Shea" at a Liberty Caucus event in April. Scott and Shea, legislators from Idaho and Washington, respectively, had recently attended the Bundy's second militia standoff in Oregon. According to Oregon Public Broadcasting their organization (Coalition of Western States) knew about the occupation in advance, planned and participated in the events, gave the occupiers information about law enforcement and called the government's actions "terrorism."

That was just this year. Previously, Matt Shea admitted to pulling a loaded gun during a road rage incident and later posted a "selfie" in front of his political opponent's house.

Heather Scott posed with a Confederate flag in the wake of controversy following the Charleston church shooting in 2015. The Idaho Office of the Attorney General is currently investigating reports that armed Scott supporters harassed her opponent's mother and campaign worker.

Why is Carl Berglund associating with these people? More importantly, do we want someone with such poor judgment representing us in Boise?

Gary J. Schroeder, Moscow


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