[Vision2020] Hundreds rally for gun rights at Idaho statehouse

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Hundreds rally for gun rights at Idaho statehouse

BOISE - Hundreds of people came out to rally at the Statehouse Saturday in support of a proposed constitutional carry bill.

The Idaho Second Amendment Alliance is calling for an open hearing of House Bill 422. The bill would allow permit-less carry inside city limits in Idaho.

The group says they support the proposed bill but believe it needs a few tweaks so there are no increased restrictions on who can carry a gun.

Ralliers marched from The Grove to the Statehouse where they listened to speakers talk about why the state legislature should allow Idahoans to have more gun rights.

"We do have a right as citizens of this great country and state as well to defend ourselves and, you know, take care of ourselves as we see fit," rally supporter Jordan Taylor said.

While the Gem State is an open carry state, you do need a permit within city limits for concealed carry.

State Representatives Heather Scott and Ronald Nate drafted this version of the constitutional carry bill in January.

The bill is in a House Committee right now and ralliers are asking the committee chair to give it a full public hearing immediately. 


Full Bill Information

Individual Links:  
       Bill Text 
      Statement of Purpose / Fiscal Note


CONCEALED WEAPONS - Amends existing law to provide that any person 21 or older may carry concealed weapons without a license subject to certain conditions, to provide that a person qualified to carry concealed weapons may apply for an optional license, to provide a penalty and to remove reference to a temporary emergency license.

 	01/29	Introduced, read first time, referred to JRA for Printing	 
 	02/01	Reported Printed and Referred to Ways & Means


Seeya 'round town, Moscow (but, please leave the guns at home), because . . .

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