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Jesper the cat likes to go skiing, pigeon-watching in public squares and visiting TV show sets. He does not like taking baths though, especially on Caturday.

Courtesy of the New York Daily News at:


Norwegian woman puts cat on leash, takes him skiing
This cat’s got the white stuff!

A feline in Norway is wowing — or meowing — the internet with his love of wintery fun.

In a short 30-second video posted on People, Jesper’s owner puts him on a leash and takes him for a walk — on a ski slope.

The owner is on skis and the cat seems to be dragging his human along — until he does a very cat-like thing and stops mid-slope, refusing to walk any farther.

In another video posted to the CBC News Facebook page, Jesper can be seen both skiing and swimming.

The video — which had been viewed more than 600,000 times as of Wedneday morning — explains that the cat’s owners have been training him since he was three months old.

Some commenters weren’t impressed, but others saw Jesper as the cat of their dreams.

“Clearly this is the pet we're looking for,” one user posted.

“Does he do dishes? Sounds like an adventure to me.”

Jesper has his own Facebook page, where he’s gathered more than 20,000 likes.

According to his bio, Jesper was born in August 2013 in a litter of five.

Photos shows the adventurous kitty taking all sorts of trips with his owner, including everything from pigeon-watching in public squares to visiting TV show sets.

The page also shows Jesper doing typical cat things, like sitting on newspapers and angrily surviving baths.


Jesper is a skiing, hiking, swimming cat in Norway.




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