[Vision2020] Idaho Republicans Want The Bible In Science Class

Kenneth Marcy kmmos1 at frontier.com
Fri Feb 19 20:59:47 PST 2016

Idaho Republicans Want The Bible In Science Class

Above is the title of the video that is at the other end of this link:


The video was published yesterday, 18 February 2016, and is 5:35 in 

The YouTube channel over which it was published is titled Secular Talk, 
and currently has 265,871 subscribers who have performed 135,181,469 
views of the channel's content since it joined YouTube 21 April 2008.

The channel's host, Kyle Kulinksi, describes himself with the phrases 
"liberal radio host," "social democrat," "agnostic-atheist," "secular 
humanist," "loyal to the facts," and "principles over politicians".  In 
this video, as in many others he has made, he uses English language that 
might be described as direct, blunt, and profane.

Kulinski is responding to an item published by rawstory.com located at 
Does Senator Nuxoll have any conception of the impact on persons outside 
her district her proposals have?


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