[Vision2020] Pastor rebuts statements by victim of child abuse

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When one is dancing the limbo, it's a good thing to see how low one can go.


When one is trying to defend the indefensible, as Wilson tried to do with
his role in the handling of child sexual abusers at the expense of the
survivors, seeing how low one can go is a bad thing.


If one is too stupid - or narcissistic - to know the difference, one has
absolutely no business professing to be a pastor.


Wilson's pathetic attempted rebuttal simply reveals him to be the steaming
pile of dung he actually is.


I think I've posted it before, but in addition to Tom's link, for those not
interested in swallowing Wilson's disgusting load but who are interested in
learning more about Wilson's actual role with his two known child sex
abusers, a great resource is:



And for more of Natalie's perspective of how she and her family were





Saundra Lund

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I distrust those who know so well what God wants them to do because I notice
it always coincides with their own desires.

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With hardly abated breath one awaits the next headline:

Serial rebutting gets community's pastoral goat


On 4/19/2016 3:24 AM, Moscow Cares wrote:

Courtesy of today's (April 19, 2016) Moscow-Pullman Daily News.



Pastor rebuts statements by victim of child abuse

Christ Church was not involved in the sentencing of a pastor-in-training
about 10 years ago for felony injury to a child, Doug Wilson, senior pastor
of Christ Church in Moscow, wrote Monday in an email to the Daily News.

He was responding to a story, "Survivors: 'Listen to me,' " on Page One of
the April 15 edition.

The victim in the case, Natalie Greenfield, who spoke April 14 at the
University of Idaho, detailed her seduction as a 13-year-old by the man who
was 10 years older. She was quoted as saying that "Christ Church fought for
him tooth and nail."

"The Greenfields could have insisted on going to trial, and they were the
ones who decided not to," Wilson wrote. "My understanding is that the reason
they decided not to is because Jamin (Wight) had journals in his possession,
written by Natalie, that he could have used in his defense in open court."

She alleges the church told her parents not to go to trial, and church
members wrote to the court on her abuser's behalf and brought her own
character into question.

"A plea deal was settled, which Christ Church had nothing to do with,"
Wilson wrote. "The reason Jamin 'got off light' was entirely due to the
arrangement the Greenfields made with the state of Idaho."

Wilson wrote, "Jamin deserved the punishment he received, and I happen to
believe that he could have received a stricter punishment without any

"So if you want to blame someone for the sentence, then you need to limit
your candidates to the state of Idaho and the Greenfields," he wrote.

He wrote that Natalie's father might object to that account of things.

Wilson went on: "He is (literally, not just figuratively) a flat-earther.
And the reason for bringing this up is NOT because flat-earthers deserve to
have their daughters abused, but rather because flat-earthers ought not to
be trusted when it comes to what constitutes reasonable evidence."

The Greenfields were members of Christ Church. Wight, of Potlatch, stayed at
their house in Moscow's Fort Russell neighborhood, but he attended Trinity
Reformed Church, headed at the time by Peter J. Leithart, a faculty member
at New Saint Andrews College.

Leithart wrote of that time in a Facebook posting in September.

Of Jamin Wight, he wrote, "I allowed him to manipulate me. A number of the
things I said about Jamin to the congregation and court at the time his
abuse was uncovered were spun in Jamin's favor.

"I trusted his account of the circumstances more readily and longer than I
should have, and conversely I disbelieved the victim's parents," Leithart
wrote. "I didn't appreciate how much damage Jamin did, and I was naive about
the effect that the abuse had on the victim's family."




Case #2005-02500 (Jamin Wight)




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