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Dear Visionaries,

How utterly sad and bereft Moscow is, given the sad events of last Saturday and now Sue’s passing.

Sue was a terrific model for all of us who cared about a progressive future for Moscow, for Idaho... indeed for the nation and the world.

Nick, ANN RICHARDS, FORMER GOVERNOR OF TEXAS, AND MOLLY IVINS, THE TEXAS OBSERVER COLUMNIST AND AUTHOR (“MOLLY CAN’T SAY that, CAN SHE???” are joining with Sue, telling stories about the crazy Texas Legislature, the crazy Idaho legislature and some of the witless actions of our very own city council...even when I was a member.  That’s all that is keeping me from breaking down into sobs right now. That, and remembering how many lives she touched and what a difference she made while she  was here.

Dan, I didn’t want this news but thanks for letting us all know of this sad event.

I usually end my correspondence with a wish for “all the best,” but it seems empty, now that one of the best is no longer with us.

My thoughts, care and concern are with everyone who loved Sue, especially her daughters,

Linda Pall

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Thanks, Dan, for sharing the sad news.  Sue & her loved ones have been in my thoughts and prayers since Roger let us know Sue had been hospitalized, and I’m heart-broken that a recovery wasn’t to be.


Unlike many of you, I didn’t know Sue from her classroom days – she had moved on to other things by the time my dd was there.  I first got to know Sue through shared interests, but for me, the most significant impact she had on my life was her support for me as the parent of a child with special challenges.  Her encouragement, support, and validation – not to mention her reality checks – helped me never give up advocating for my dd, and to negotiate the sometimes bumpy transition of successfully parenting an older teen into adulthood while remaining at least somewhat sane  :*-)


Godspeed, Sue – you will be deeply missed and made a helluva positive impact on our community.


My deepest sympathies to Sue’s family & loved ones.  I’m so very sorry.



Saundra Lund

Moscow, ID


Never retract, never explain, never apologize - get the thing done and let them howl.

~ Nellie McClung




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I know many folks on the vizzz have probably been wondering, and I might even be the last to know; Sue passed beyond the mortal plane last night.


I’ll always remember her as the G/T teacher at the high school, and how it seemed like she did all she could to keep that Texas drawl.  Many years passed between my HS days and my run for city council, but being the excellent teacher that she was, she remembered having me as a student.  We may not have always aligned politically, but I like to think that we had some mutual respect, and I put up with her teasing me a bit about those awkward teenage years.  No matter what we agreed or disagreed on, she was a nice lady, and a lady in the truest sense.


She’ll be missed.  Keep her family in your thoughts.




P.S.  A lot of people to keep in our thoughts here lately.  

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