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Dear Friends:
Sitting here in Georgia, the local tragedies of our town feel especially 
painful. Wish we could be there to share our grief in any service 
I had known late Sue somewhat, but our kids had her as a teacher--our 
sons remember her fondly.
And I had known late David Trail almost as long as Tom Trail; his sons 
were in my classes years ago.  My heart goes out in grief for the Trail 
families.  I was somewhat acquainted with Kane Grzebieski from the 
Unitarian.  And Michael Chin--hope he fully recovers--was often in our 
home, as he was friends with our younger son during their Moscow-High days.
Hopefully, what happened in Moscow remains a rare event--but that sort 
of news is almost routine in Atlanta, as in any major city.
With our deepest condolences for the bereaved.

On 1/13/2015 7:13 PM, Linda Pall wrote:
> Dear Visionaries,
> How utterly sad and bereft Moscow is, given the sad events of last 
> Saturday and now Sue’s passing.
> Sue was a terrific model for all of us who cared about a progressive 
> future for Moscow, for Idaho... indeed for the nation and the world.
> SHE???” are joining with Sue, telling stories about the crazy Texas 
> Legislature, the crazy Idaho legislature and some of the witless 
> actions of our very own city council...even when I was a member.  
> That’s all that is keeping me from breaking down into sobs right now. 
> That, and remembering how many lives she touched and what a difference 
> she made while she  was here.
> Dan, I didn’t want this news but thanks for letting us all know of 
> this sad event.
> I usually end my correspondence with a wish for “all the best,” but it 
> seems empty, now that one of the best is no longer with us.
> My thoughts, care and concern are with everyone who loved Sue, 
> especially her daughters,
> Linda Pall
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> Thanks, Dan, for sharing the sad news.  Sue & her loved ones have been 
> in my thoughts and prayers since Roger let us know Sue had been 
> hospitalized, and I’m heart-broken that a recovery wasn’t to be.
> Unlike many of you, I didn’t know Sue from her classroom days – she 
> had moved on to other things by the time my dd was there.  I first got 
> to know Sue through shared interests, but for me, the most significant 
> impact she had on my life was her support for me as the parent of a 
> child with special challenges.  Her encouragement, support, and 
> validation – not to mention her reality checks – helped me never give 
> up advocating for my dd, and to negotiate the sometimes bumpy 
> transition of successfully parenting an older teen into adulthood 
> while remaining at least somewhat sane  :*-)
> Godspeed, Sue – you will be deeply missed and made a helluva positive 
> impact on our community.
> My deepest sympathies to Sue’s family & loved ones. I’m so very sorry.
> Saundra Lund
> Moscow, ID
> Never retract, never explain, never apologize - get the thing done and 
> let them howl.
> ~ Nellie McClung
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> I know many folks on the vizzz have probably been wondering, and I 
> might even be the last to know; Sue passed beyond the mortal plane 
> last night.
> I’ll always remember her as the G/T teacher at the high school, and 
> how it seemed like she did all she could to keep that Texas drawl.  
> Many years passed between my HS days and my run for city council, but 
> being the excellent teacher that she was, she remembered having me as 
> a student.  We may not have always aligned politically, but I like to 
> think that we had some mutual respect, and I put up with her teasing 
> me a bit about those awkward teenage years.  No matter what we agreed 
> or disagreed on, she was a nice lady, and a lady in the truest sense.
> She’ll be missed.  Keep her family in your thoughts.
> DC
> P.S.  A lot of people to keep in our thoughts here lately.
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