[Vision2020] Moscow URA and 6th and Jackson

Art abettge at gmail.com
Wed Feb 25 13:59:10 PST 2015

Here is a link to the request for proposal document that was used for the
6th and Jackson.


 Note especially the document at the end concerning the Legacy Crossing
Overlay Zone and Design Guidelines, as well as the stipulations within the
bid document that needed to be addressed by those contributing bid
documents to the URA.

You might check with the interim URA Director, Gary Reidner for further

Thursday morning will feature presentations from the 3 bidders (City Hall,
Council Chambers promptly at 7AM).  The URA Board will discuss the
proposals and may make a decision, or may postpone that decision until a
later date if they feel more time is needed to deliberate.

I hope this helps cast a little more light than heat on the subject?

Best regards, Art Bettge
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