[Vision2020] How to Vote - Part 2

Rosemary Huskey donaldrose at cpcinternet.com
Sat Nov 2 15:06:55 PDT 2013

I sent my last email accidentally - I wasn't quite done with the information
I wanted to share.  Hence, the Part 2 title. I intended to ask what might be
the consequences of voting for GMA candidate Bill Lambert, and the best pal
of the Kirk, Walter (how can I help take over downtown Moscow) Steed?  


Thanks to the leadership of Bill Lambert, the City Board of Adjustment
approved two non-conforming private parking lots in Downtown Moscow (505 &
525 S. Jackson) for the exclusive use of New Saint Andrews College.  One of
the parking lots is dirt.  Can you imagine the City allowing any other
business in downtown Moscow to have a dirt, non-conforming, private parking
lot?  Board of Adjustment member Joe Bazzoli commented during the hearing
that it looked like this was "non-compliance piled on non-compliance."  Bill
Lambert's clever recognition of the voting block NSA and Christ Church could
deliver, guaranteed the passage of Conditional Use Permit on 7/31/13.  Bill
Lambert is endorsed by GMA and there was a strong presence of GMA at the
hearing who seemed very pleased with Bill's accomplishment.  Is Bill is an
NSA and Christ Church pawn or, just a slick politician who thinks he can
control them?  (He can't)


EMSI, also known as the New Saint Andrews employment agency, and locally
controlled by Christ Church, is getting a new sidewalk, streetscape and
fiber optic at their new 409 S. Jackson location, courtesy of the City of
Moscow writing a $50,000 GEM Community Grant.  What about all the other
businesses in Downtown Moscow who faced harassment and fines because their
sidewalks are not up to standards?  Where are the free grants, free
sidewalks and free fiber optic for them?


Walter is argumentative enough to feel right at home with Doug W. and the
boys, but really, it is hard to imagine that anyone, and certainly not main
stream Republicans much less the right wing gits who have highjacked  the
local party really give much of a rip about what Walter thinks about
anything. Nonetheless, Kirk support could push him over the top.


The real power of the Kirk and its fellow travelers is best illustrated by
the slate of GMA candidates.  Electing them will mean that the entire City
Council and County Commissioners are ALL MALE.  That is not an accident
folks.  Women are denied leadership roles in Christ Church and Trinity
Reformed - a C.C. daughter congregation.  There is a reason that women hold
no - zero - zinch seats on the Logos School Board, the NSA Board, certainly
not in either church, will never be a principal or superintendent at Logos,
and, with a single exception many years ago, hold a faculty position at NSA.
Woman are always and forever under the headship of their fathers or their
husbands.  Is Moscow ready or deserving of the doctrine of Patriarchy?  Next
Tuesday will reveal the answer.


Rose Huskey

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