[Vision2020] How to Vote - Part 2

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So what exactly is the difference between the way the dirt lot at 525 S Jackson is being used today from the way it has been used since at least 2004?

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> I sent my last email accidentally – I wasn’t quite done with the  
> information I wanted to share.  Hence, the Part 2 title. I intended to  
> ask what might be the consequences of voting for GMA candidate Bill  
> Lambert, and the best pal of the Kirk, Walter (how can I help take over  
> downtown Moscow) Steed? 
> Thanks to the leadership of Bill Lambert, the City Board of Adjustment  
> approved two non-conforming private parking lots in Downtown Moscow  
> (505 & 525 S. Jackson) for the exclusive use of New Saint Andrews  
> College.  One of the parking lots is dirt.  Can you imagine the City  
> allowing any other business in downtown Moscow to have a dirt,  
> non-conforming, private parking lot?  Board of Adjustment member Joe  
> Bazzoli commented during the hearing that it looked like this was  
> “non-compliance piled on non-compliance.”  Bill Lambert’s clever  
> recognition of the voting block NSA and Christ Church could deliver,  
> guaranteed the passage of Conditional Use Permit on 7/31/13.  Bill  
> Lambert is endorsed by GMA and there was a strong presence of GMA at  
> the hearing who seemed very pleased with Bill’s accomplishment.  Is  
> Bill is an NSA and Christ Church pawn or, just a slick politician who  
> thinks he can control them?  (He can’t) 
> EMSI, also known as the New Saint Andrews employment agency, and  
> locally controlled by Christ Church, is getting a new sidewalk,  
> streetscape and fiber optic at their new 409 S. Jackson location,  
> courtesy of the City of Moscow writing a $50,000 GEM Community Grant.   
> What about all the other businesses in Downtown Moscow who faced  
> harassment and fines because their sidewalks are not up to standards?   
> Where are the free grants, free sidewalks and free fiber optic for  
> them? 
> Walter is argumentative enough to feel right at home with Doug W. and  
> the boys, but really, it is hard to imagine that anyone, and certainly  
> not main stream Republicans much less the right wing gits who have  
> highjacked  the local party really give much of a rip about what Walter  
> thinks about anything. Nonetheless, Kirk support could push him over  
> the top. 
> The real power of the Kirk and its fellow travelers is best illustrated  
> by the slate of GMA candidates.  Electing them will mean that the  
> entire City Council and County Commissioners are ALL MALE.  That is not  
> an accident folks.  Women are denied leadership roles in Christ Church  
> and Trinity Reformed – a C.C. daughter congregation.  There is a reason  
> that women hold no – zero – zinch seats on the Logos School Board, the  
> NSA Board, certainly not in either church, will never be a principal or  
> superintendent at Logos, and, with a single exception many years ago,  
> hold a faculty position at NSA.  Woman are always and forever under the  
> headship of their fathers or their husbands.  Is Moscow ready or  
> deserving of the doctrine of Patriarchy?  Next Tuesday will reveal the  
> answer. 
> Rose Huskey 
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