[Vision2020] When will the horror end?

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Help me to understand what you mean by "ilk" please.
Rose Huskey

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Glad to know it's NOT just the Second Amendment you and your ilk don't like
. *S*

On Jan 9, 2013, at 3:39 PM, Saundra Lund wrote:

> I dunno, Wayne, but I think a much more pertinent question is:  when 
> will you have the decency to quit posting stupid crap in lame attempts 
> to minimize gun violence in the US?
> On Wed, Jan 9, 2013, at 02:14 PM, Wayne Price wrote:
>> Where is the president and a special committee to stop all this 
>> senseless ferry violence?
>> How many more have to be injured or maimed before this will end? 
>> Where is the mayor of NYC? The governor?
>> "At least 50 people were injured, two critically, after a commuter 
>> ferry slammed into a dock Wednesday morning in Lower Manhattan.
>> The Seastreak Wall Street ferry from Atlantic Highlands, N.J., banged 
>> into the mooring as it arrived at South Street around 8:45 a.m.
>> Wednesday. One person is in critical condition with head injuries.
>> Those on board said passengers were waiting to disembark and were 
>> hurled on the deck after the impact.
>> A passenger, Ellen Foran of Neptune City, N.J., said people tumbled 
>> on top of one another, hysterical and crying.
>> "We were pulling into the dock. The boat hit the dock. We just 
>> tumbled on top of each other. I got thrown into everybody else. ... 
>> People were hysterical," said Ellen Foran.
>> Those injured were being treated at the scene. There were no 
>> immediate details of the injuries. Reports on the number of those injured
>> The Coast Guard said drug and alcohol tests were administered on the 
>> captain and crew as soon as the injury count concludes. The alcohol 
>> tests have come back negative. Results for the drug tests may take weeks.
>> A corner of the ferry is ripped open like a tin can.
>> Fire fighters were seen setting up a temporary staging area on the 
>> dock with stretchers and other medical equipment and some passengers 
>> were being removed from the ferry on stretchers for evaluation.
>> More than 340 passengers and crew members were aboard the ferry from 
>> New Jersey, one of many that carry commuters to the island of Manhattan.
>> Dee Wertz was on shore waiting for the ferry and saw the impact.
>> "It was coming in a little wobbly," Wertz said. "It hit the right 
>> side of the boat on the dock hard, like a bomb."
>> After the impact, the boat was able to dock normally. Wertz said 
>> passengers raced off once the ramp came down.
>> "I think people just wanted to get the heck off the boat as soon as 
>> they could," she said.
>> Ferry company officials were at the scene. The company confirms the 
>> ship's propulsion system was recently upgraded, but it is unclear if 
>> that was the cause of the accident.
>> Ferries are a fairly common way to commute to work in Manhattan, an 
>> island separated from New Jersey and the rest of New York City by 
>> several rivers."
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