[Vision2020] Hypocrisy

Paul Rumelhart godshatter at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 14 11:58:28 PDT 2011

I've never claimed to be Jesus Christ or Gandhi.  Of course I have 
issues of my own.

I find climate change interesting.  I read up on it, and even write 
programs to graph data.  I'm always doing projects like that, not all of 
them tied to issues on this list.  It's what I do.  My opinion differs 
from the norm on climate change, so when someone posts something about 
it I often disagree.  Sometimes I like to respond as if it were a public 
mailing list.

Why does everyone think that I'm always being dismissive, condescending, 
or patronizing?  I'm just having a conversation.  I'm not trying to 
score points or beat my viewpoint into others.  When someone responds, I 
reply if I have something to say.


On 09/14/2011 10:39 AM, Saundra Lund wrote:
> Paul wrote:
> "In my personal opinion, some people on this list should question 
> whether or not they are obsessing too much about these people."
> Do you mean "obsessing" as in your obsession to respond to virtually 
> all climate change posts with which you disagree?
> Or, do you mean "obsessing" as in the expertise some list members 
> (including yourself) have pursued to learn about climate change, 
> mega-loads, child sexual abuse, etc.?
> Or, do you mean "obsessing" as in people not willing to accept your 
> opinion on any particular topic as gospel as evidenced by offering 
> opinions/experiences different than your own???
> One person's obsession is another's passion, you know.  Personally, 
> I'm grateful we have longer term community members on the Viz who 
> value community history.  There are some who'd like us to forget about 
> things like SSAIW & religiously motivated local laws pushed by their 
> own personal lobbyists actually on the city council & board of county 
> commissioners . . . and that unsuccessfully tried to run stealth 
> anti-public education candidates for the school board.  There are some 
> who'd like us to forget the role of certain local religious factions 
> in Proposition 8 & in boycotting "immoral" local businesses so they 
> can whine with phony "righteous indignation" when individuals choose 
> not to patronize their businesses.  And, there are some who'd like us 
> to forget all about certain local churches that have been caught dead 
> to rights -- and more than once -- violating the conditions of their 
> tax exemption status by partisan politicking from the pulpit.
> And, there are certainly local (as well as state & national) 
> politicians on both sides of the aisle who'd like us to forget their 
> campaign promises . . . and lies.
> Your "obsessing" comment is yet another in a long line of examples of 
> your dismissive, condescending, and patronizing jabs at those who 
> disagree with you.  You're not the only one, of course, but you -- as 
> are others -- are pretty consistent about it.  You might do well to 
> pay more attention to the plank in your own eye than to the speck you 
> perceive in the eyes of others.
> In my personal opinion, of course J
> Ha -- and the subject line actually still fits!
> Saundra
> Moscow, ID
> The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to 
> do nothing.
> ~ Edmund Burke

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