[Vision2020] Hypocrisy

Saundra Lund v2020 at ssl1.fastmail.fm
Wed Sep 14 10:39:27 PDT 2011

Paul wrote:

"In my personal opinion, some people on this list should question whether or
not they are obsessing too much about these people."


Do you mean "obsessing" as in your obsession to respond to virtually all
climate change posts with which you disagree?


Or, do you mean "obsessing" as in the expertise some list members (including
yourself) have pursued to learn about climate change, mega-loads, child
sexual abuse, etc.?


Or, do you mean "obsessing" as in people not willing to accept your opinion
on any particular topic as gospel as evidenced by offering
opinions/experiences different than your own???


One person's obsession is another's passion, you know.  Personally, I'm
grateful we have longer term community members on the Viz who value
community history.  There are some who'd like us to forget about things like
SSAIW & religiously motivated local laws pushed by their own personal
lobbyists actually on the city council & board of county commissioners . . .
and that unsuccessfully tried to run stealth anti-public education
candidates for the school board.  There are some who'd like us to forget the
role of certain local religious factions in Proposition 8 & in boycotting
"immoral" local businesses so they can whine with phony "righteous
indignation" when individuals choose not to patronize their businesses.
And, there are some who'd like us to forget all about certain local churches
that have been caught dead to rights - and more than once -- violating the
conditions of their tax exemption status by partisan politicking from the


And, there are certainly local (as well as state & national) politicians on
both sides of the aisle who'd like us to forget their campaign promises . .
. and lies.


Your "obsessing" comment is yet another in a long line of examples of your
dismissive, condescending, and patronizing jabs at those who disagree with
you.  You're not the only one, of course, but you - as are others - are
pretty consistent about it.  You might do well to pay more attention to the
plank in your own eye than to the speck you perceive in the eyes of others.


In my personal opinion, of course  J


Ha - and the subject line actually still fits!




Moscow, ID


The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do

~ Edmund Burke



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