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Jay Borden jborden at datawedge.com
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Personally, I enjoy entering in my account code on the telephone keypad,
only to have to repeat it every time I speak to a live person.





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Has anyone else been having trouble with erroneous billings from major


We have an account with AT&T.  We have never received a correct bill
from them.  In addition, they cashed one of our checks without crediting
it to our account.


And Verizon?  Don't get me started.  


One of our credit card companies billed the exact same two transactions
two months in a row.



What's aggravating is the time it takes to get these messes straightened
out.  Waiting for a rep, being switched to another rep with another long
wait.  Or "We'll have to get back to you on that," but never doing so.
Or telling you the problem has been fixed, when it hasn't which means
more calls, waits, etc.


I wonder if these errors are not intentional.  Maybe they hope that
you'll give up and they will not have to issue credits, in some cases,
large ones.




Wayne A. Fox
wayne.a.fox at gmail.com

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