[Vision2020] Computer question

Dave tiedye at turbonet.com
Wed Jan 26 16:45:12 PST 2011

You can't "dump" IE it has become "integral" to windows at least 
according to Microsucks. (that was the basis of the European anti-trust 
suit)  But it is easy to remove all the shortcuts to it.

Firefox will run much better then IE on a netbook as it is a lighter 
program.  Firefox 4.0 will run even better when it comes out (I've been 
testing the beta version it is FAST!)

You might also want to install some of the programs listed here or 
install their installer and select the ones you want.
these are many of the essential programs that Windoze does not include.


On 01/26/2011 04:03 PM, Carl Westberg wrote:
> Being on a tight budget, I replaced my old computer with an Acer One 
> D255 netbook, which really has all that I personally need in a 
> computer.  It's a great little machine, but it came equipped with 
> Internet Explorer, which I hate, or to put more civilly, dislike with 
> extreme prejudice.  Specs are Intel Atom processor, 1.5Ghz, 1 MB L2 
> cache; Memory, 1 GB DDR3 memory; Storage, 250 GB HDD.  (I have no idea 
> what I just typed).  Would I be able to download Mozilla Firefox on 
> this little guy and dump @&*! Internet Explorer?
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Windows, OSX, or Linux is the same choice as:
McDonald's, Burger King, or a (real) Co-Op.

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