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I think you're using the wrong test for constitutional issues. One can lose constitutional rights without suffering a major economic loss; it doesn't make the loss less important to the person who believes his or her rights have been violated.

I'm not stating my opinion on Tribble's case. I'm also familiar enough with the megaloads case not to need to do more research on it to comment here. I'm NOT calling those plaintiffs chest-thumpers.

My point is that each case is important to the people who brought them. There are critics of the megaloads case who call them chest-thumpers. You can read their comments on LT megaloads stories, and you may have done so.

I don't think you'd agree with them. And I think you're wrong for being so dismissive of Tribble. Unless you know him and his reasons for bringing this suit, you're jumping to conclusions.


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> Sunil suggests:
> "Why call Tribble a chest-thumper? If you do that, shouldn't you call the
> folks fighting megaloads 'chest thumpers?'"
> Not at all, Sunil.  There is absolutely no similarity between the two cases.
> Should Tribble fail in his attempt, there will not be any impact (physical
> or economic) on the region.  No impact whatsoever.
> Should Linwood Laughy and Borg Hendrickson fail in their attempt to
> disallow the megaloads from being transported via the Highway 12 corridor,
> the impact will be both physical and economic in a very short time. 
> Instead of explaining each point of my argument, I encourage you to
> browse, read, and become familiar with the multitude of documents, videos,
> etc. etc. posted at:
> http://www.MoscowCares.com/Highway12
> Worst case scenario for Tribble:  His complaint is dropped and it becomes
> a two-line entry on his resume'.
> Worst case scenario for the Highway 12 megaloads will have an immediate
> and life-threatening impact on the region.
> Tom Hansen
> Moscow, Idaho
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