[Vision2020] Joe and Arrogance

Joe Campbell philosopher.joe at gmail.com
Fri Apr 1 14:25:29 PDT 2011

You use terms like "socialist" and "communist" too literally.

On Apr 1, 2011, at 11:06 AM, lfalen <lfalen at turbonet.com> wrote:

> Looks like I really got under your skin. The point is I think that you use the term "idiot" too liberally. I am not a Gingrich fan, but I would wager that his IQ is higher than yours. Who is the idiot? You do not know Gresham. He is not a bigot. He worked closely with Ike Young, a mormon. His pastor, not him made the comments you dislike. When It comes to religion, I do not criticize anyone's belief.  There are dogma in almost all religions  that I would disagree with and some that I support. I look at the individual not their religion. Everyone is entitled to there religious beliefs as long as they do not interfere with the rights of others. A lot of people think Mormons are blasphemous and are not Christians because of there belief (as I understand it) that anyone can become a god. I think that they are Christians because they believe in Jesus and thier church is set up on the basis of Christ's 12 apostles. Most Mormons that I know are great people and I admire their strong family
> values.
> I did not call you a communist. You read that into my comments. As to who resorts to name calling, look in the mirror.
> Roger
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>> Sorry -- last clarification.
>> I didn't call ALL Republicans -- whom I disagree with -- "idiots." In fact,
>> I explicitly said that I don't think all Republicans are idiots and
>> mentioned a few by name that I didn't think were idiots.
>> I asked why Republicans VOTE for idiots. The idiots are folks like Bush,
>> Palin, and Gingrich. I called Gingrich an "idiot" because of his bigoted
>> comments -- comments which you conveniently didn't include in this criticism
>> -- not because he was a Republican. I asked a question: Why do so many
>> Republicans vote for idiots -- folks who are either dumb as posts or obvious
>> and clear bigots?
>> I'm asking you, too, Roger. Why did you openly support Gresham Bouma in the
>> last election, someone who is openly antagonistic toward Mormons? Why
>> support Young, someone who was openly antagonistic toward folks on the left?
>> Do you think it is OK to call Mormons "blasphemous"? Do you think that that
>> kind of behavior is indicative of what our founding fathers meant by the
>> right to the free exercise of religion? Do you think leaders should only
>> cater to members of your own political party? That they can ignore the folks
>> that they don't vote for them?
>> But the fact is that you won't answer these questions. What you'll do is
>> call me a "communist" and try to divert attention from the growing racism of
>> your political party. And what I'll continue to do is point out the racism,
>> even if it means putting up with your mean-spirited name calling.
>> On Thu, Mar 31, 2011 at 11:52 AM, lfalen <lfalen at turbonet.com> wrote:
>>> It is amazing to me that some people on the left like joe, call everyone
>>> they disagree with idiots. I think it was Stalin that called the American
>>> left useful idiots. A friend of my aunt's on finding out I was a friend of
>>> Steve Symms said, "He can't be very bright can he". Some on the right think
>>> the same way. I do not know why people cannot disagree on the issues with
>>> out disparaging one another's intelligence.
>>> Roger
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