[Vision2020] The Centenary of the Big Fire of 1910 in NorthernIdaho

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I don't know and don't care what Beck's religion is. I am unaware that Bect is presenting himself as a messenger of God. You imply that Mormons are not Christian. The Mormons set up their church on the basis of Christ's  twelve apostles.
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> I fail to see how Glenn Beck, a Mormon, can present himself as a Christian messenger of God.
> Your thoughts, Mr. Falen?
> Tom "Born-again Pagan" Hansen 
> Moscow, Idaho
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> Nick
> Thanks for your comments on the fire. I find in interesting that you condemn Beck for hes talk at the Lincon Memorial but support Rauf. They both have a right to do what they are doing. You seem to suggest that Beck iis a racist and is anti-King. I occasionally listen to Beck. I have never heard him do any thing but praise King. You seem to think that conservatives are Racist. This is not true. concervatives are for limited government, free markets ( with only those regulations necessary to prevent fraud and provide for public safety), and equal rights for everyone. Heston marched with King. Some of the Civil Rights leaders were mostly conservative. James Meridith to name one. I am not sure but I believe Medgar and Charles Evers were also. The southern authorities during the 60's were mostly big government control types. They supported states rights because its served their interests.
> Roger

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