[Vision2020] Local Islamophobia & Gresham Bouma

Ralph Nielsen nielsen at uidaho.edu
Wed Sep 1 09:58:49 PDT 2010

Thank you for the web site of the Freeze Church sermon, Saundra.

What a mixed-up message! Confounding an ancient 5th/4th century  
B.C.E. prophecy of imminent disasters with the speaking in tongues  
account in the late 1st century C.E. book of Acts is an old Christian  
scare tactic.

The semiliterate author of the sermon does not seem to know that the  
proper noun, "Bible," is always spelled with a capital "B." And  
throughout the Old Testament, in English translations, even in the  
New International Version (NIV), "LORD" is spelled with ALL CAPS.  
Check any English Bible.

The original Hebrew is spelled YHWH, for Yahweh, God's personal name.  
(The Semitic languages, Hebrew and Arabic, are written without  
vowels.) So "the day of the LORD" means "the day of Yahweh." The New  
Jerusalem Bible and its predecessor, The Jerusalem Bible, translate  
YHWH as Yahweh, not LORD. (Both are good honest translations.)

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