[Vision2020] Soldiers Allege Punishment Over Christian Concert

Ralph Nielsen nielsen at uidaho.edu
Wed Sep 1 08:48:14 PDT 2010

Next they might order all prayers, public or private, to be in  
English only.

This is shameful, but hardly surprising.

Given the enormous swing to the religious right in the US, the  
military will be heavily inhabited by those who espouse  
Fundamentalist views. The military has long been using training  
videos which are odious in their portrayal of non-Christians as the  
"enemy"; forced prayer is not uncommon, and Muslims, Atheists,  
Wiccans, and Buddhists have all been targeted in some units for being  
"un-American". Don't Ask Don't Tell may be repealed someday, but the  
beat goes on. Some group must be the "outsiders", and the military  
always uses this in order to utilize it as the(outdated) means of  
gaining loyalty in the ranks.

When a nation which was founded to counter enforced religion then  
begins to enforce religion through its military, we have a serious  
problem. Of course, this is likely to go unaddressed as the Glen  
Becks, Sarah Palins, and Rush Limbaughs continue unchallenged to spew  
their vilification of anyone who is not white, born again, and  
wealthy. Unless the "left" gets off their collective duffs and begins  
to fight back, this country is on its merry way to becoming a  
Debi R-S
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