[Vision2020] Facebook

Moscow Cares MoscowCares at moscow.com
Sat Jul 24 16:26:49 PDT 2010

Reggie Holmquist suggests:

"If we all grow our friend lists so that there are a lot of politically
active moscow liberals on them we can make an impact by spreading the news
about Gresham Bouma and letting everyone know that there is an alternative
and that we need to do things like canvas and volunteer if we don't want a
nutbag crazy insane teabagger . . . "

As much as I (and I assume many others) appreciate your intent, Mr.
Holmquist, this topic is being handled most efficiently off-list in a
variety of ways.

However, as I sggested to you off-list, if you, Dan Schmidt, Shirley
Ringo, or anyone else (for that matter) would be interested in creating a
video (0r series of videos for public posting, I would be glad to offer my

Tom Hansen
Moscow, Idaho

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