[Vision2020] "Five Thousand Gulf Oil Spills" 168 Responses

Paul Rumelhart godshatter at yahoo.com
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I'd characterize it as a tricky engineering problem with disastrous side effects 
that they were ill-equipped to handle. 

I'd like to see them come out with some new guidelines for off-shore drilling.  
Require them to drill an almost-complete relief well *before* they start pumping 
oil out, and require them to have the required materials and equipment to 
complete the relief well and cap it in the event of a well breach.  Don't try to 
fix it, don't try to save as much oil as you can, just cap it and move on to 
drill another well somewhere.  Then remove all limits on their liability to give 
them the incentive to follow the guidelines.

If there is a problem, they write that well off with a much lower liability and 
the side-effects are limited to hopefully a small number of hours of oil 
escaping the well.  They can then go on to drill a well next to it if they want 
to, as long as the follow the guidelines.


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  Good point, Warren.  I don't believe there's a word to adequately convey the 
magnitude of what happened here.  "Spill" is what happens when I knock over my 
glass of Cabernet.  This is not that, and what's happened in the Gulf isn't a 
"mishap" or "error," either.  It's a horror, a grievous disaster, and an 
unmitigated tragedy.  That it may not be a crime in no way reflects any 
lessening of its severity, only decades of governmental indifference to 
environmental concerns.


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I think we should try to keep our vocabulary in line with actuality. The  Gulf 
oil disaster/irruption is not a spill. Such a term possibly reflects a  
misunderstanding of both magnitude and geology.
Warren Hayman
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>Five Thousand Gulf Oil Spills
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>	* Climate Science— david @ 16 June 2010 
>That’s the rate that people are releasing carbon to the atmosphere from    
>fossil fuel combustion and deforestation today. I know, it’s apples and    
>oranges; carbon in the form of oil is more immediately toxic to the    
>environment than it is as CO2 (although CO2 may be more    damaging on geologic 
>time scales). But think of it — five thousand spills like    in the Gulf of 
>Mexico, all going at once, each releasing 40,000 barrels a day,    every day for 
>decades and centuries on end. We are burning a lot of    carbon!
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