[Vision2020] Installment 9: True Beauty

Ted Moffett starbliss at gmail.com
Fri Dec 31 14:46:03 PST 2010

The "True Beauty" ad from the Foundation for a Better Life ran today
on satellite televsion, though I forget the channel.  It featured an
event like a senior prom with a women being crowned queen who did not
fit the stereotype of a "beatutiful" women, which I suppose is meant
to indicate that "true beauty" is not physical beauty.

I liked the ad, but still do not understand why the Foundation for a
Better Life does not reveal their funding source.  Maybe Philip
Anschutz thinks his other agendas or ideology would hamper the goals
of the FBL, so he stays in the background.  Or maybe he does not want
to take credit for the goals and activities of the FBL, wishing it to
be a general social movement that is not about any one person.

But when the FBL website discusses their funding, and does not mention
Anschutz, it still strikes me as disingenuous.  The FBL website should
honestly state that some of their funding is from an individual who
wishes to remain anonymous, if they are not going to name Anschutz.

Information on the FBL from a previous post:


Perhaps this could be termed the value or virtue of full transparency
and honesty in the behavior of the wealthy as they utilize this wealth
to control the public.

The power that billionaires wield, given their immense capacity to
influence opinion, behavior and politics, via buying or controlling
media exposure, is so great exercising this power indicates full
disclosure of the source of the advertising.

Why does Anschutz not offer this full disclosure in the Foundation for
a Better Life campaign?

Consider the answer to the following question from the FBL website,
which seems to disingenuously (is being disingenuous a value or
virtue?) dodge the fact this effort is funded by Anschutz, though not
in all respects:


Where does the money come from to support your public service campaigns?

Public service media, by definition, is donated by the television,
theatre, outdoor, print, and radio media outlets. Their generous
contribution of time and space allow these messages to be seen and
heard around the world.
Vision2020 Post: Ted Moffett

On 12/23/10, Jeff Harkins <jeffh at moscow.com> wrote:
>     True Beauty:
>     is a truly beautiful or pleasing thing or person.
> For those "Veeps" that might not have seen the tv spot for this value, i
> have enclosed a link to that video.  Very compelling spot.  Here is the
> link: http://www.values.com/inspirational-stories-tv-spots/96-Homecoming
> For upcoming values that are promoted by a video, I will try to include
> the link to that item.
> For more info, go to www.values.com

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