[Vision2020] Crusaders vs. Infidels: Moscow's Muscular Christianity

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Wed Dec 1 19:14:55 PST 2010

Back up your claim about obsession with Christ Church on the V with some data, Darrell. It's easy enough to do just by looking at subject headings. Even in the case of Tom, the number of non-CC posts far exceed the number of CC posts. 

I'm admittedly an exception. I'm obsessed with radical right churches and their influence on American politics, especially local politics. They might be others but until I see some data, this is just another unsupported claim. Just support your case.

And as for my obsession, what's wrong with it? I'm a theist. I think Wilson's views are offensive, that he's immoral, and that the greatest threat to American freedom is the religious right. But somehow Wilson's rights to speak his mind out weigh my right to critique his views. Makes no sense to me.

Nor am I telling him to not say the things he says, nor to not post on the V. I'd love it if he did since it would allow me the chance to point out his errors and maybe learn something. Anyone from CC who was chased off the V was so because they did not want to be criticized, and nothing more. Prove me wrong and state examples otherwise. Back up your claims with examples.

I just don't see who you think you are telling me what I should or shouldn't WRITE about, what I should value. I'm not you, I'm me.

On Dec 1, 2010, at 6:11 PM, Darrell Keim <keim153 at gmail.com> wrote:

> >OK this is my last post on this but let me just comment on one snowflake
> >from Darrell's last blizzard.
> Looks like something we can agree on.
> >It would follow that any comment about any religious group or any religion
> >would be SSDD. As well as comments about most political parties or political
> >organizations or political issues. Pretty much most of the comments on the V
> >would be SSDD since I have yet to see one person change another person's
> >position when it comes to their core beliefs. Liberals are liberals, you're
> >either for global warming or against it, and conservative Christians hate
> >Muslims. No point discussing things since we all know what we all believe
> >and nothing will ever change. And pay no attention to the man behind the
> >curtain.
> The above is simply an example of you attempting to make a point by carrying it to an extreme.  None of those topics, or any other, get near the coverage on V2020 that Christ Church does.  Too make an analogy: V2020 is like a household water spigot for most topics.  It is a fire hose for Christ Church topics.  I’d simply like to see the fire hose turned down.
> > 
> >Maybe you should just tell us what we can talk about, Darrell, and that
> >would make it easier. I'm sure it's a short list.
> I have never expressed any desire to do so.
> > 
> >I'd like to deal with the rest of your post but it might be better if we
> >just talked about it in the school yard and didn't bother the other
> >folks. Or we could meet in the alley and I can throw you up against the wall
> >and take your wallet, now that I know you're not threatened by remarks like
> >these! Boy, I feel better already!
> Again going to extremes to make your point, I see.  I’ll play along and answer you.  While I may not like it, I do not find the NSA ad threatening.  I view it as advertising hyperbole.  Like you just did, they went to an extreme to make a point.  On the other hand, if an individual honestly made such a threat to me I would make different assumptions about it.  It would be treated seriously.
> Glad you are feeling better.
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