[Vision2020] Football Mania and Shameless Solicitation

Tom Hansen thansen at moscow.com
Fri Sep 4 12:02:26 PDT 2009

Stephanie -

I would be more than glad to do my part with a 20-dollar donation.

Question:  Realizing that the next national "City Clerks Conference" is
scheduled to take place in Reno next year, what do you anticipate the
suggested donation to be when the "City Clerks Gone Wild" video comes out?

UI and WSU fraternities should be good for 70 to 80 copies alone, not to
mention my four or five.

Inquiring minds want to know.

Tom Hansen
Moscow, Idaho

> As some of you may know, I am a Region VIII Director for the
> International Institute of Municipal Clerks.  Our region (which Idaho is
> a part of) is hosting the upcoming 2010 international conference due to
> a change in venue and has very little time to fund raise for the event
> (cities normally know a minimum of 4 years in advance in this case it
> was only 2 years).  Anyway, I would appreciate it greatly if some of you
> would be willing to support fund raising efforts through...
> Football Mania
> By purchasing a Football Mania ticket for $20 you will receive a digital
> entertainment package to download online music and books (however to be
> honest, the selection is not great and I hadn't heard of most of the
> artists)...but the exciting part is the Football Mania Sweepstakes.  If
> you are a fan of professional football, this is a fun way to follow the
> games and win some money as well.  The ticket gives you the opportunity
> to win $500 weekly with a $1,000 grand prize at the end.  Each ticket
> has as 1 in 48 chance to win.  Additionally, all ticket holders will be
> automatically be entered in a custom quilt raffle by the host committee
> who will commission a custom professional football quilt for you to have
> as a tribute to your favorite team.
> Attached is a copy of the flyer and sample ticket (including information
> on how the game works...obviously all of the tickets are different).
> Disregard the portion of the flyer regarding where to send payment, I
> have the tickets in my possession so you can buy them directly from me.
> In order to receive the most benefit from the ticket, I need to receive
> a check from you by 1:00 p.m. on September 8th (since I have to send the
> ticket stub and payment via Fed Ex to Nevada that afternoon).  After
> that time, I will email the information to the host committee at the end
> of each day, you can still purchase a ticket up until October 27...but
> obviously you have more chances to win if you buy sooner.  You can track
> your ticket online each week to see if you are a winner.  In order to
> process your request, I need to have your name, address and email
> address (in addition to the payment of course).  Please feel free to
> stop by my office or send me payment with the appropriate information
> and I will send the ticket to you...I can send it via email first if you
> wish so you know which teams you have immediately.
> Checks should be made payable to:   NMCA - Reno Tahoe 2010
> Thanks for your consideration and support,
> Stephanie
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