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Is the Wilson family/Christ Church the Phelps family/Westboro Baptist Church of the west?  Certainly the agenda of their advertised, so called "Sexual Orthodoxy" ministerial conference along with certain articles found on their vision and action site Credenda/Agenda suggests very alarming similarities.

Probably the only reason the Wilson's/Christ Church has not pulled some of the more outrageous stunts like those of the Phelps/Westboro Baptist Church is that the Wilson & Family's Christless Cult & Cash Machine has not yet found a way to make a profit from such stunts without causing them other financial losses and more community censure, boycott, and embarrassment.

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  In spite of Christ Church's gross perversion last week (the "Sexual
  Orthodoxy" ministerial conference), it heartens me to continue to come
  across more and more Evangelical Christians who really are getting it.

  A Step in Faith
  Evangelical Christian Brent Childers explains his journey from believing
  that homosexuality was an abomination to marching in a pro-gay march on


  "There are many, many others I have met in my work with Faith in America, as
  we try to bring awareness and understanding to the pain and trauma caused to
  LGBT people, especially youth, when church teaching is misused to justify
  and promote a societal climate of rejection, condemnation, and
  discrimination. . . Every person coming to Washington-whether they are
  religious or not-does share one faith, and that is faith in America. We can
  and must do better. As the progress of history has shown, Americans will
  prove themselves able to see beyond religion-based bigotry to the promises
  of equal treatment for all. Those who use religion-based bigotry to
  persecute and discriminate against LGBT people are on the wrong side of
  history, just as they were with slavery, interracial marriage, the treatment
  of women, and so many other issues."

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