[Vision2020] Public Smoking

Kai Eiselein fotopro63 at hotmail.com
Sat Jun 20 21:50:03 PDT 2009

There's an easy way to keep workers from being "forced" to work in a smoky atmosphere.

Only hire smokers.

Easy, simple fix, no problem.

As for patrons, no one forces them to go to bars. Should they CHOOSE to do so, they do it at their own risk.


I smoke and the only bars I've gone to in the past 20 years have been: Casa Lopez, three times, and while on a cruise ship. Both non-smoking.

I don't smoke in my house, I don't smoke in my car (I do in my truck) and I only book non-smoking hotel rooms.


When the city passes this, might I suggest someone make a good business investment by building a roadhouse just outside city limits? Offer good entertainment and a shuttle and you'll make a mint.

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