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Joe Campbell philosopher.joe at gmail.com
Sat Jun 20 07:47:58 PDT 2009

I noticed a rude sign outside of Morrill Hall on the UI campus put  
there to prevent smokers from smoking near the ashtray, which is  
attached to the building. Again a problem the solution to which would  
be better were we to treat each other with a little more compassion  
and understanding. Not that I'm always the best example in this regard!

Joe Campbell

On Jun 20, 2009, at 3:09 AM, Ted Moffett <starbliss at gmail.com> wrote:

> Yes.
> I mentioned in another post that Brink Hall at the U of I (and this  
> is applied to other U of I buildings) has a policy where smoking  
> should be conducted a given number of feet away from an entrance.   
> And of course there is no smoking allowed inside the building:
> http://www.uihome.uidaho.edu/default.aspx?pid=84874
> A. General. The university recognizes that (1) health hazards are  
> associated with using tobacco products, (2) exposure to secondhand  
> smoke can adversely affect the heath of nonsmokers, (3) exposure to  
> tobacco smoke can be unpleasant and distracting for nonsmokers, (4)  
> smoking can ignite fires, and (5) smoking can transfer toxic  
> materials from hand to mouth. This section outlines applicable state  
> law and UI policy with regard to smoking.
> A-1. Regulatory Requirements. State of Idaho Executive Order No.  
> 2000-01, Establishment of Non-Smoking Policy in State Buildings,  
> directs that:
> All state-owned or state-leased buildings, facilities, or areas  
> occupied by state employees shall be designated as “non-smoking”  
> except for custodial care and full-time residential facilities. The  
> policy governing custodial care and full-time residential facilities 
>  may be determined by the directors of such facilities.
> B. Buildings, Facilities, Areas Occupied by State Employees.
> B-1. No Smoking. Except as stated in B-2, smoking of any tobacco  
> product including cigarettes, cigars, and pipes or any other product  
> producing smoke is prohibited in all state-owned or state-leased  
> buildings, facilities, vehicles, or areas occupied by state employees.
> B-2. Exception. Smoking is permitted in full-time residential  
> facilities owned or leased by UI in accordance with the rules  
> established by the Director of University Residences. .
> B-3. Outside Smoking Locations. Smoking is prohibited within 25  
> feet, or at a distance determined by the Director of Environmental  
> Health and Safety, in areas where smoke will be drawn into and  
> affect the air inside buildings, such as at entrance, exits,  
> building openings, open windows, air conditioners, or air-supply  
> intakes.
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> On 6/19/09, Ellen Roskovich <gussie443 at hotmail.com> wrote:
> I find it odd that so many are getting upset over a "smoking ban" in  
> bars.  Hasn't  Moscow banned smoking in a number of public places  
> for several years now?  I think it's even spelled out how many feet  
> away you have to be from the entrance to the building.
> Ellen A. Roskovich
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