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Joe Campbell joekc at adelphia.net
Sun Mar 23 17:10:09 PDT 2008


It is not elitist to note that it is difficult to get from the west side of town to the east side and vice versa. There is a traffic flow problem that would only be made worse by building on the east side. Solve the traffic problem first and then build. That is all I'm suggesting!

Growth without vision will only create more problems than it can solve. The apartments on A Street are a fine example of this. Who benefits? A small minority and that is all.

Joe Campbell

---- pkraut at moscow.com wrote: 

This attitude is exactly why Aaron is no longer on the council. If 68% of 
the city of Moscow lives on the other side of town from the current 'big' 
mall why are we still only building on that side of town? We won't! We 
need more shopping on this side where people live...end of story. It is 
elitist at best for you and others to decide that everyone in town will 
shop only where you say without considering the needs of everyone in 
town. The old council was voted in by an group who saw this as the one 
and only way to grow or change anything and you might note they are no 
longer there. When we all learned what they meant by 'smart growth' we 
realized that is was not what we needed nor wanted. 

> First, no one threatened the previous council. They were elected in 
part because of their
ideas about smart growth vs. growth at any cost.
> Second, if and when the Hawkins area starts to develop, it will have as 
much to do with
the current council selling water rights and opening up the flood gates 
(no pun intended)
as anything else. Why not complain about that?
> Third, some of us (me at least) were opposed to the Super Walmart 
location -- on the east
side of town, which would have caused huge traffic problems -- as opposed 
to Walmart per
se. I'd rather see Walmart develop on the west side of town rather than 
the east. I'd
rather even see it developed in Washington than across from the East Side 
> Fourth, one might ask, Why didn't Super Walmart develop on the west 
side of town? Part of
the answer is that the area of town which was zoned for that type of 
purpose (viz. A
Street) was eventually turned into apartments. It happened well before 
the mayor and
previous council were in office, when back door deals were common and 
ignorance of the
comprehensive plan was celebrated. I fear much the same from the current 
council, as the
details of the last Hawkins seem to reveal.
> Find out the facts, Donovan, and criticize the folks who deserve 
criticism. If A Street
were available for Super Walmart -- which would benefit most of the folks 
in town -- as
opposed to apartments -- which benefit a minority -- there would not have 
been the level
of opposition that there was. I wouldn't have opposed such a development. 
Not that I would
have liked it -- I'm still anti-Walmart for reasons other than their 
location on the
Palouse -- but I wouldn't have opposed a Super Walmart on A Street.
> --
> Joe Campbell
> ---- Donovan Arnold <donovanjarnold2005 at yahoo.com> wrote: 
> =============
> Like we didn't see this coming?
>   The Moscow City Council rejected fair efforts by Wal-Mart to play 
ball according to the
rules laid out by Moscow. Now Wal-Mart is going across the street to play 
ball over there.
You didn't think that was going to happen? Of course it is.
>   This is why people, economic professors included, were saying to the 
then Moscow City
Council and Mayor to work with Wal-Mart so we have the revenue, set the 
standards, and the layout to our advantage.
>   When a handful of noisy vocal, we know what's best, residents showed 
up to threaten the
council if they voted to support Wal-Mart, they with that vote, gave 100% 
of the power,
revenue, and jobs to Whitman County, just one mile away. Was it worth it? 
I think not.
>   Wal-Mart is much bigger than Moscow, and will have a Super Center in 
the area,
regardless of a few efforts by some community members. The Anti-Wal-Mart 
effort was only
successful in preventing a Green Wal-Mart that brought jobs and revenue 
to the community
from coming into the Moscow city limits. It was not successful in 
anything else. 
>   Best Regards,
>   Donovan
> roger hayes <rhayes at turbonet.com> wrote:
> > Moscow citizens need to take a good look at what the city council's 
> > decision to provide water and sewer to the Hawkins company will bring.
> > Yesterday's Daily News posted some serious speculation about WalMart 
> > building a Super Center in the Hawkin's development. Earlier, I did 
> > have a suspicion that was a distinct possibility. I could not see how 
> > a Lowes could be the anchor store. WalMart, Idaho division, remains 
> > tight lipped about its plans, but would not rule out the possibility. 
> > A local WalMart employee speculated that it is a reality.
> > By providing water and sewer service across the state line, Moscow 
> > taxpayers may now subsidize the construction of WalMart. Whitman 
> > county taxpayers are providing over 10 million in infrastructure 
> > development. This is an ultimate irony since both communities have 
> > waged campaigns against the building of a Super Center in their 
> > communities. And in Moscow's case, we are dealing a vast economic 
> > to our community.
> > Much more is going on than we citizens know. What other "deals" are 
> > happening behind closed doors?
> > I do feel that if WalMart comes in it will prove how inept, and most 
> > likely, corrupt the current Moscow city council is. The council will 
> > no doubt plead ignorance, and do so with an arrogant smile.
> We need to do something and do it quickly. Any ideas?
> >
> > Roger Hayes
> >
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