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I don't think teachers like to get involved with politically charged issues in public, unless they are tenured, or retired, and even then, they usually don't.
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Warren Hayman <whayman at roadrunner.com> wrote:
          Hello Ted, and everyone else,
  Thanks for the inference of my status as a hack writer at best. With this I agree. And thanks as well, sort of, for the broadcasting of my position-- something I don't make public very often for various reasons. But you're right. I teach literature from Gilgamesh to yesterday, and all forms of writing except fiction. 
  Eek! I even publish poetry and nonfiction, and have served as editor within the Virginia Dept of Education (vocational curriculum writing and editing, and co-wrote legislation for the Core Standards and Measures of Performance of Va voc ed). I was also the last editor of the Northwest Journal, formerly the Palouse Journal here in Moscow. I would bet I'm the only person around, including Ivar Nelson, who owns and wears a PJ t-shirt.
  I am not comfortable discussing what I do or have done, if only because I wish no disservice to any affiliations I have. But here it be. Also a reason I don't contribute to V2020 very much at all, either. Misinterpretation, etc.
  Lastly, I don't know how you could have left Dan Orozco's name off your list-- he is a superb UI English Dept fiction writer .
  Warren Hayman
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  What I find astonishing is that no one from the U of I English Dept., featuring some of the most skilled writers in our area, is on this contact list regarding the open Daily News columnist offer.  Many in that department can write circles around most everyone on that list, no offence meant.  After all, good writing, as an end in itself, is what they do!  And many of them are not exactly of the religious or political orientation of Iverson, to put it politely.  They could pen Daily News columns that would stun!  What about Robert Wrigley, Kim Barnes, Mary Clearman Blew, Ronald McFarland, Joy Passanante, all well published and beautiful writers?  
  Just a few days ago I was discussing with someone how few academics from the U of I or WSU contribute to Vision2020, or in the local press.
  Warren Hayman is the only member of the U of I English Dept., that I recall, who contributes to Vision2020.
  Ted Moffett

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