[Vision2020] Safe Lefty's

Tom Hansen thansen at moscow.com
Fri Apr 25 15:01:41 PDT 2008

My last and final comment concernin this matter -

Perhaps you can call Otto Hill Apartments and get a list of renters who 
are defaulting on their rent while you are at it, tex.

I seriously doubt that Jameson Management openly discussed rental 
problems, concerning a renter, with an anonymous third party.

Tom Hansen
Moscow, Idaho

> OK, Tom, I lied.  I did do your research for you.  You encouraged me to 
call Jim
Bendickson, so I did.  According to him, the rumor that Lefty's is being 
evicted due to
rent issues is true.  I don't think either party is going to turn over 
copies of their
bank statements to me, so this is the best I can do, sorry.
> >>
> For those of you interested in contacting the managers of the Palouse 
> Empire Mall to pass on your "appreciation" for their concern for 
> locally-owned businesses, I strongly encourage you to fax, mail, email, 
> call:
> Jameson Commercial Property Management, LLC; 
> Jim Bendickson, Manager 
> P.O. Box 2158 
> Spokane, Washington 99210 
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"People who ridicule others while hiding behind anonymous monikers in chat-
room forums are neither brave nor clever." 

- Latah County Sheriff Wayne Rausch (August 21,

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