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In my comments on March 10 and 11, 2008, on Vision2020, I mentioned
that expressing the view that human life is a "wholly owned subsidiary of
the Earth" would open a "can of worms," especially considering the "God"
dominated majority in the USA.  Below I offer some examples of the worms
that emerge, from certain individuals offering their supreme wisdom and
enlightenment, in response to my post from February 22, 2008 (at the URL
below), a post where I made the statement that "We are all a 'wholly owned
subsidiary' of the Earth as a living system:"


The responses:



On 3/10/08, Ted Moffett wrote:


>   "However, in my view, everything occurring on our planet is a wholly
> owned subsidiary of Earth Biosphere, Inc.  I will not elaborate on this
> concept, knowing full well the incredible can of worms it will open."

On 3/11/08 Ted Moffett wrote:


Well, I see that a worm or two managed to squiggle out of the can...

Thanks for the reference to Gaylord Nelson and the "economy is a subsidiary
of the environment" concept.  I was writing within the context of the thread
"Evangelical Christian Takeover of the Military," so I meant the quote you
post as meaning more that religion is a "subsidiary" of the biosphere.  I
was not focusing on the economic implications of this concept given
environmentalism.  I did not make my meaning very clear.

General Boykin's comments about whose God is bigger are ridiculous when
looking at all religion as a development of human culture that is itself a
subset of the web of life on Earth.

Such a concept, that religion is a "subsidiary" of the biosphere, is a can
of worms, theologically and philosophically, given the difficulties in
defending its truth, and politically and even personally speaking, given how
expressing such a point of view can make an organization or a person

We live in a culture, to state the obvious, with an overwhelming dominance
of a "God" oriented view of the universe, where God sits as creator of the
Earth and all humanity, and Nature is more of a stage for the drama than the
source of life upon which we are absolutely dependent for our creation
(evolution) and continued survival.

Now is the "can of worms" I was referring to defined a bit better?
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