[Vision2020] Idaho Daycare Centers (was "End of Legislative

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Would this have been the same "agreement" that would have allowed for Latah 
county to lease back a part of the building for office space and/or storage?

Perhaps, since you are so adept at providing links to pertinent information, 
you could please direct me to a copy of this document?

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> Donnie Arnold stated:
> "Now, if I stand incorrect, please  weren't you and the other liberals on
> this forum in favor of shutting down Latah County's only existing care
> facility for the elderly and indigent, Latah Health Services, and selling
> it for $1?"
> You are incorrect, Donnie.  I can post sound-bite after sound-bite after
> sound-bite from a few years back when this was discussed in interviews
> with Commissioner Jack Nelson and candidate Linda Pike on KUOI and KRFP.
> The county's concerns were two-fold; that it was too costly to maintain
> Latah Health Services and that LHS was way under-staffed.  The question
> was not whether or not it was to be sold, but to whom it would be sold.  I
> believe there were three parties interested in purchsing the property:
> Gritman, a health services group from Spokane whose name escapes me right
> now, and some car dealership.
> I believe that you yourself, Donnie-boy, chimed in with your wisdom (right
> here on the Viz), blasting away (as you always do) against Gritman, whose
> agreement with Latah County stipulated that they were to maintain an
> elderly care program at that facility.
> I await your thoughtful and caring remarks.
> Seeya round town, Moscow.
> Tom Hansen
> Moscow,
> Idaho
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