[Vision2020] UAE/Dubai Buying Large Percentage Of Nasdaq

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How much of the wealth to be generated in the next 50-100
years on the Dow and NASDAQ is critically dependent on oil from the Middle
East to maintain the multinational economic system?  Wall Street is now a
multinational investment center of grand proportions, with the domestic
agenda of the USA assuming less and less of a dominant role.

I had not read this news described below when I wrote the post above:


Dubai to buy large stake in Nasdaq

Published: September 20, 2007

If the deal is completed, Dubai would become the first Middle East
government to own a large stake in an American stock exchange. It also is
expected to become the largest single investor in Nasdaq.

Senator Charles Schumer, Democrat of New York, who helped lead the
opposition to Dubai's investment in the American ports, said last night that
the deal, which would make Dubai a major player in New York finance, would
"raise serious questions that have to be answered."

"Should any government own any part of a major U.S. stock exchange?" asked
Schumer, who is on the banking and finance committees in the Senate and is
the chairman of the joint House and Senate economic committee.


Ted Moffett
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