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College of Law here to stay
Thanks to The Argonaut, and to reporter Alexiss Turner, for keeping readers informed about strategic planning at the College of Law, focusing on how best to fulfill the university’s statewide mission in legal education (August 28, “UI law school growing”). 
The Argonaut story correctly notes that the College is considering three broad approaches to the future: (i) enlarging the law program at Moscow with relatively little change in activities currently conducted at Boise, (ii) relocating law instruction to Boise while retaining an interdisciplinary research/outreach presence at Moscow and (iii) undertaking a phased dual location approach in which law instruction eventually would be delivered, and research and outreach would be conducted, at both Moscow and Boise. These approaches, and variations of them, are being examined carefully by the law faculty, the senior university administration, and leaders of the legal profession and judiciary. The processes of data-gathering and analysis are ongoing. All approaches will continue to receive full and open consideration this fall, with the goal of reaching a consensus by the end of the year.  
Any final decision will require concurrence of the university and our Board of Regents (State Board of Education). It is important to emphasize that the College of Law is not planning to leave the University of Idaho.  Under all of the approaches, regardless of location(s), the legal education program would be provided by one law faculty under unified College administration as an integral part of the University of Idaho.
Don Burnett
 Dean, College of Law

Paul Rumelhart <godshatter at yahoo.com> wrote:  At the Staff Appreciation Fair at the SUB today, I was handed a piece of 
paper that listed some well thought out reasons for why the Law School 
should not move to Boise. 

Of course, I stupidly forgot the paper on my desk at work.

Am I out of the loop on this one? I didn't know that this was in 
progress. Does anyone know the status of this? Did anyone else get a 
flier handed to them? He was handing them out at the potato bar of all 

No one tells me anything.


The gentleman that handed me the paper wore a suit well and looked an 
awful lot like Senator Gary Schroeder, whose name coincidentally appears 
on the piece of paper in question. With luck and a little foresight, I 
might remember to bring the piece of paper home with me tomorrow so I 
can actually refer to it.

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