[Vision2020] Councilman Arnold? PLEASE!!! Say it ain't so!

J Ford privatejf32 at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 19 07:25:15 PDT 2007

"Where am I wrong here?"  Gawd - where AREN'T you wrong!?

The below is exactly the shpeel that Dougie and his bunch want people to believe.  Therefore,I nominate DJA 
for NEW FLUNKY OF THE YEAR AWARD which Dougie hands out annually (past awards going Crabtree and Chris W.)

BTW - just who are the "poor, disabled and elderly people" that are being "force(d)...through a CUP process"? 

Surely you're not saying the building of 42 (remember when it started out as 25) homes on N Polk is the City
limiting or "prevent(ing) building new homes"? 

Well, mayhaps YOU are saying that.  I mean, why let facts interrupt your flights of fantasy?

The rest of your hot air - well, let's just say you aren't going to see "Councilman Arnold" anytime too soon - thankfully.

  Let me see if I understand you correctly?
  MCA wants to force poor, disabled, and elderly people through a CUP process with the city council for the right to continue to live the way they do?
  MCA wants to prevent building new houses
  MCA wants to prevent the expansion of industry and jobs
  MCA wants to eliminate property rights for security and predictability
  MCA wants to force low income people to pay higher rent prices
  MCA wants to make Moscow less affordable
  MCA wants to reduce the city population
  MCA wants to present four more candidates to the city council candidates
  MCA wants to increase taxes
  Where am I wrong here?

J  :]

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