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IF they got to where they owned every inch of downtown, it would totally kill any tax base we have down there AND they would prevent other, "more diverse" businesses from moving in, thereby making it all their own little world...i.e. Koreshville, Colorado City, Jeffsville, Jonestown.  You get the idea.

Well, ok - YOU don't, but others do.

This town was not made for ONE group to own despite what you or they would like to see happen.  Just how long do you think YOUR business would last once Dougie and his bunch moved in permanently and completely?  You think just because you've supported them all this time, they'd keep you around?  Think again.  Just look at what happened when Mr. Kong went against Dougie's grain - he lost his business, his home, his ability to stay in Moscow.  And he's not the only one.  There have been over 200 hundred families that have left Moscow because SOMEhow they "offended" Dougie and were forced out.  

Think you're immune to that?  Nope.  You're not.  Which is what happens in a dictatorship such as what Dougie is trying to set up in Moscow.  Count on it.

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Question, th
Of all the property in the central business 
district, what percent is owned by CC? One percent? Maybe two? 
Lets follow your query to its logical end. CC owns 
fifty to sixty percent of the CBD. So what? Please don't fall back on the 
property tax issue since we all know that church property, used for church 
purposes will be tax exempt no matter where it is, downtown or 
elsewhere. If it's owned by the church or its members and used for 
commercial purposes it will be taxed the same as any other parcel. 
With this being the case, why would it matter if 
they were to own every square inch of downtown Moscow? What exactly would be the 
down side? The maddening rectal itch you might receive from such a turn of 
events really doesn't count.

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  Question, PK 
  Of ALL the churches 
  of ALL the countries throughout the world, which ONE owns (and is buying up) 
  property in the central business district of Moscow, 
  Seeya round town, Moscow.


“I’ll just speak for 
  our church, in Christ Church.  If I found out that a 
  member of our church or a church officer was lying to non-believers in the 
  community, as a way to get by or protect themself or protect his reputation, 
  yes, he’d be disciplined.”

- Doug Wilson (January 31, 
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    And, I would ask if you are 
    aware of how much property is owned by groups or individuals in this area 
    that have nothing to do with CC? The catholic church? The Mormons? The 
    whoever?? This is persecution of one group against whom you have a personal 
    vendetta and has nothing to do with the community as a whole...get over 
    it! 07 11:45 

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